Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Egyptian Hip Hop

As a general rule, my life is filled with missed opportunities and mistakes.  Yesterday was one such time.  The magnificent Sleigh Bells were in good ol' London town last night (and Saturday too), unfortunately, last night, I was not.  I then went to check to see if they might be coming back this autumn/winter because practically everyone else is.  Alas, no such plans yet. 

But, I recovered from this setback to claim an historic opportunity and get my ears around a new Egyptian Hip Hop track, 'Middle Name Period.'  This opportunity did not arise, however, because I'm super cool, more that they released it into the public domain.

This is one track from their upcoming 4 track EP which was produced with the help Hudson Mohawke and is set to be released around September time.  I know Sam Eastgate/Samuel Dust is involved with these guys, although I'm not sure if he's permanent head honcho of their music making, but this track is very à la LOTP and is about a million miles away from 'Rad Pitt.'

In fact, compared with this, 'Middle Name Period' is comfortably residing in another musical universe.

I look forwad to hopefully being able to see this guys on tour in November.

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