Friday, 17 December 2010

My Best Albums of 2010

Initially, I was pretty reluctant to do a 'best of' list since it would be filled entirely with stuff that you've probably seen elsewhere. Unless of course you get all your hot music news from me. In which case, I feel I must tell you, you can do better. Honestly.

But then I thought, what the hell, let's do this!

In no particular order:

1. First Aid Kit - The Big Black And The Blue
What's not to like? The wonderful vocals, that are actually properly sung and not just spoken, over the top of the gentle guitars are just beautiful. I just want to sit on the floor cross legged in front of them sitting on stools, wearing big cable knit jumpers and have them sing to me.

2. Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In
An exceptional and atmospheric record, that is rewarding with every listen. Really feels like it could be used as a film score.

3. Delorean - Subiza
I think it is actually physically impossible to be unhappy when listening to this album. Equally good on the iPod, or for busting moves in da club. Actually, it's so fun it'll have you busting moves when it's on your iPod.

4. Foals - Total Life Forever
I'll leave it to Hot Chocolate to describe what I think of each of the tracks on this album:

5. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (II)
It was a toss up between this and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, but in the end I felt it would be ridiculous to not include an album that has racked up so many listens, not that that was the sole criterion for these choices. Far from it. But, I'm a sucker for bangin music and I did really like it.

There you go, them's me top 5. Like I said, the decision process was not based on what I've listened to the most, which may be a bit ridiculous. But, the decisions make sense to me, although I am disappointed I didn't find room for Ariel Pink.

Silly me.

I hope these choices weren't too offensive, but feel free to (politely) stake your claim for your favourites. If indeed anyone is out there and reads this.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dude Locker Christmas Album 2010

Today, I'm just going to point you in the direction of this, the Dude Locker Christmas Album 2010.

There is a real good mix of music on here. Hip-hop, metal, indie-folk and more in-between.

The Dude Locker is a DIY art space based in Columbus, Ohio. Those of you with exceptional memories will remember that this is also the home of Way Yes who were featured on here not much more than 3 weeks ago. And yes, they are on this album, providing an excellent Christmas version of 'Dreadlock Holiday.'

This is available on a 'name your price' basis, but remember that these guys aren't super-mega rich stars like Radiohead who can afford to give away their music for free. And, hey, it's Christmas dude.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


New Years Eve is always a tricky night to plan and so much can just go wrong.


But, this year can be different.

You should definitely head over to The Old Blue Last, a 300 year old pub/hub of coolness situated right in the heart of Coolville, London and run by connoisseurs of cool, VICE.

If that's not enough to convince you, I should also mention that The OBL has been officially named as the place to find the hottest girls in London.

Quite literally, just looking at the flyer is enough to make you want to go, and also wet yourself a little bit with excitement. Why not cast your eyes down and do just that and embrace the warmth running through your pants and down your leg, it's cheaper than central heating.

Monday, 13 December 2010


The only thing I can say for certain about DaKOTA is that I really like them.

The only came to my attention today, after they were so kind as to follow me on twitter. I checked them out to see who they were and what they were about.

All that was there was a link to a page filled with videos to their tracks, which you should definitely check out.

The first track, 'Danger Jazz,' is a ten minute epic which sounded like it had come straight out of the Manhunter soundtrack with prominent drums blending nicely with the dreamy synths.

DAKOTA - Danger Jazz from DAKOTA on Vimeo.

The track 'Performance One' is in a similar vein, but is much more aggressive.

DaKOTA also seem to incorporate some slowed down R'n'B and hip-hop into their music, but I wouldn't like to call it witch house because, apart from GR†LLGR†LL, it doesn't really impress me that much. Perhaps it's this 'nightbus' I've heard about on Vice Style.

No matter what type of music it is, it is definitely something I like. And also, their videos are pretty cool and definitely worth watching.

DaKOTA on Facebook
DaKOTA on twitter

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Just A Quick One

I'm going to stick my oar into the whole Daft Punk TRON: Legacy affair and simply say: yeah, it's dead good, gets me all goosebumpe-ly. Personal faves being 'Overture', 'The Grid' and 'The Game Has Changed.'

If you has the luxury of Spotify's finest service (Premium?) you can listen to it for nada. If you don't got, Spotify are also giving away free 7-day passes so you can get it without even paying Spotify.


Obviously, this is all stuff you've heard before from better places, but I love to share.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Death And Vanilla

I've been more than a little slack with you guys over the past week, and for that I offer my deepest and sincere apologies. For the past few days I've been watching Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas do battle in a 90's action non-classic, although I never saw the end. The best bit of the film was when Julianne Moore's cat hid under the bed, giving me a few Nam-style flashbacks of trying to coerce my cats out from under the bed.

How is this relevant, you may be wondering. Well, it isn't I've only gone and done a Seinfeld and be about the trivialities of daily life, and perhaps tried to add some comedy. Although, the latter is very much up for discussion. But that implies that some people might find it funny, which I doubt, so in fact, there is no discussion. It's a shut book, cast iron, stone wall case of not being funny.

Thanks for making it this far, although I suspect many will have scrolled down to the music and thought, 'eff reading all this.'

Today I offer to you Death And Vanilla, not like how Abraham offered Isaac to God because I'm not a dick, but more like how a waiter may offer you a canapé at a fancy party. They are another Swedish export, hailing from Malmö.

The music that they make is slightly unsettling stuff. The barely there vocals make me think of some sort of ghostly nursery rhyme from a black and white film, which I know is quite a specific thing to be think of, but I don't know hoe better to explain it. The melodies also verge on the psychedelic and sound like what I imagine abandoned fairgrounds might play. The nearest comparison I can make with a current artist/band would have to be Husky Rescue, who also released a pretty good album earlier in the year.

Ridiculous similes and metaphors aside, it is very good stuff snd I would very much recommend adding it your music collection, either from Bandcamp or make yourself one of their favourite people in the world and buy it for a measly 6€ which also gets you lots more cool stuff to make the music experience way cooler.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

True Womanhood

Washington, D.C. based music types True Womanhood have been busy boys and girls lately.

Firstly, they came to my attention with new track, 'Nite Prowlers,' which surfs the wave of the dubstep popularity, but also adds some of the elements of early 90's grunge and experimental and distorted rock.

nite prowlers by truewomanhood

What's even more impressive is that this track was composed 'by clanging pieces of metal around in a mile-long sewer tunnel + bass guitar, 808 drumz, and vocals- all run through a severely malfunctioning tape delay.' It's this sort of creativity and dedication to creation that makes me feel kinda useless, but knowing someone is out there doing it is a nice consolation.

Also, they have started a new project called 'Reel Too Real,' which you can read all about by following the link.

The New Improved Hypocrisy

Seeing as how I got all political the other day, I though I better give this whole protest a song to go with it.

I know this song is, like, SO September, but it fits very nicely with what is going on and sums up pretty much how I, and many others, feel.

Lyrics for those, like me, who can never understand what singers are actually saying and who don't want to squint at the video:

" Reallocating property
We engender transformation
We’re not concerned with poverty
Just the rebirth of a nation
No time for hesitation
Not even on occasion

This will be our legacy:
A vengeful population
It’s part of our conspiracy
And our motivation
And who needs integration
When we’ve got isolation?
It’s the rebirth of a nation
The rebirth of a nation

We don’t mind democracy
We have our ways around it
This new improved hypocrisy
Will help us to impound it
An old school education
Will show this generation"