Sunday, 17 October 2010


Now and again, I check in on MySpace (say hi, if you really want) like a dead-beat Dad coming round every weekend to see the child he never really wanted and is keen to get rid of asap.

However, this kid has paid off and done something good for a change, like get in the football team. I received an 'add' from Pendentif. Straight away I was impressed with the old school, hipster-style low quality photos and photos cut into circles, and me being all about the outside, I was sold.

But, then I listened to their music and I was equally impressed. 'Pendentif' is a nice and gentle piano driven pop song which was just made for chillaxin' with your bros/hoes on a balmy evening. Then comes the even more summery and aptly named 'Riviera' which is very Drums-ian and is a way better song for riding your bike than, er, The Bike Song.

Pendentif démo version ghetto avec choeur d'enfant by pendentif

Obviously, if you did quickly mosey on over to their MySpace, you may have noticed they sing in French. But who cares, man.  It still sounds good, miles/kilometres better than it could in English and those female lead vocals are so easy on the ear.

Anyway, it's the 90's dude, relax.

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