Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Johnny Knoxville and Palladium

Lately, I've not really been earning my keep with the good people of Vice. I kind of let things slip pretty massively over the summer, but I shall now endeavour to share stuff with the coolest 38 people on the planet.

Anyway, Johnny Knoxville and Palladium Boots have teamed up to share what's going on in Detroit these days. And, I have to say, just from the opening minute it looks the wrong side of 'rough.' This was actually pretty shocking because in the UK, and possibly everywhere else outside of North America, we get the impression that the US is New York, Washington DC, a bit of California and nothing else. This was changed slightly after I watched The Wire, but I never really believed that such deprivation could actually exist in the United States of America. Perhaps a little bit of Socialism isn't so bad after all?

But, if you keep watching, the story isn't quite so bleak after all. Turns out, there's actually a lot of pretty cool stuff going on with creative types and ordinary people making this a pretty cool place to be.

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