Thursday, 3 June 2010


Well that didn't really work out, did it?  There I was, making bold proclamations of a magnificent and triumphant return to Internet world, and then what happens?  I apparently buggered off and totally forgot.  But I can assure you that that was not the case.  As you may remember I was really excited about the start of the cricket season, and, well, you know, matches take like 5 days, so obviously I'd be out of action for a while.

But, in that time I made a personal discovery, although this shit could be way old for you guys, but hey, you never know, you guys might just be here for the atmosphere.  In which case, bring a friend, grab a drink and get the atmosphere up to the stratosphere, or maybe even the mesosphere, or am I just a crazy fool?

Anyway, my 'discovery' was 'ceo'.  They are a pretty mysterious group/person/whatever because it seems even proper blogger types aren't really sure, so how is a chump like me supposed to know?  Well, all I do know is that they are signed to Swedish label 'Sincerely Yours' and that on there website they have a few pictures, an enigmatic poem and a release date for their new single 'Come With Me' which features two tracks, one of which I am enjoying right now. 

Why don't you too?

Sounds nice and Swedish if you ask me, lovely dreamy synths and a fairly tropical beat with love-tinged lyrics, which is the formula for the perfect song.  They're not too dissimilar to 'Bye Bye Bicycle', if you ask me, although even if you don't ask me I'll still think it, who I quite like, but feel free to make your own minds up.

Peace Out.  And enjoy the sunshine.

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