Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kopparberg Klash

I just thought I'd give you all, my lovely reader, a gentle reminder about this wondiferous competition that is being run by VICE and Kopparberg.

Basically, if  you make films (also send stuff in if you make music, photos or clothes, but party time for you isn't quite yet) and you reckon you're the bees knees or your mum thinks your brilliant at it then send it in to Kopparberg here and you could win £1000 and get featured in VICE. 

Not too shabs, eh?

Also, you would get invited to a way cool party thrown at the VICE party HQ at The Old Blue Last on July 7th, which will no doubt be full of other cool, creative types and will definitely be home to some complimentary drinks and a 'very special DJ.'

So, come on down, get involved and join the party!

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