Monday, 14 June 2010


Now this time I REALLY mean it.  I will get properly back into writing and taking up some valuable Internet real estate with my average words about cool bands and shit because I've moved back to the 'burbs pour l'été and out of the big smoke and there are far fewer distractions in St Albans.

Today I feel moved to write about a little ol' band called 'Safari.'  This London five-piece makes some pretty tidy synth-pop that definitely deserves a better description than 'tidy', but I've got a cool façade and reputation to maintain.  This is evidenced by the fact that they have managed to infiltrate the 'mainstream' and get themselves onto xfm's playlist. 

Nice work boys.

They also managed to release a single t'other week, 'Quicksand' which is available both as an actual piece of material that you can hold in your very own bare hands or as a computer file off of iTunes.  You can also download another of their tracks, 'Folio' for absolutely nothing.


Safari - Quicksand from Chromas Button on Vimeo.

Why?  Just because.

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