Friday, 10 December 2010

Death And Vanilla

I've been more than a little slack with you guys over the past week, and for that I offer my deepest and sincere apologies. For the past few days I've been watching Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas do battle in a 90's action non-classic, although I never saw the end. The best bit of the film was when Julianne Moore's cat hid under the bed, giving me a few Nam-style flashbacks of trying to coerce my cats out from under the bed.

How is this relevant, you may be wondering. Well, it isn't I've only gone and done a Seinfeld and be about the trivialities of daily life, and perhaps tried to add some comedy. Although, the latter is very much up for discussion. But that implies that some people might find it funny, which I doubt, so in fact, there is no discussion. It's a shut book, cast iron, stone wall case of not being funny.

Thanks for making it this far, although I suspect many will have scrolled down to the music and thought, 'eff reading all this.'

Today I offer to you Death And Vanilla, not like how Abraham offered Isaac to God because I'm not a dick, but more like how a waiter may offer you a canapé at a fancy party. They are another Swedish export, hailing from Malmö.

The music that they make is slightly unsettling stuff. The barely there vocals make me think of some sort of ghostly nursery rhyme from a black and white film, which I know is quite a specific thing to be think of, but I don't know hoe better to explain it. The melodies also verge on the psychedelic and sound like what I imagine abandoned fairgrounds might play. The nearest comparison I can make with a current artist/band would have to be Husky Rescue, who also released a pretty good album earlier in the year.

Ridiculous similes and metaphors aside, it is very good stuff snd I would very much recommend adding it your music collection, either from Bandcamp or make yourself one of their favourite people in the world and buy it for a measly 6€ which also gets you lots more cool stuff to make the music experience way cooler.

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