Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dude Locker Christmas Album 2010

Today, I'm just going to point you in the direction of this, the Dude Locker Christmas Album 2010.

There is a real good mix of music on here. Hip-hop, metal, indie-folk and more in-between.

The Dude Locker is a DIY art space based in Columbus, Ohio. Those of you with exceptional memories will remember that this is also the home of Way Yes who were featured on here not much more than 3 weeks ago. And yes, they are on this album, providing an excellent Christmas version of 'Dreadlock Holiday.'

This is available on a 'name your price' basis, but remember that these guys aren't super-mega rich stars like Radiohead who can afford to give away their music for free. And, hey, it's Christmas dude.

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