Wednesday, 1 December 2010

True Womanhood

Washington, D.C. based music types True Womanhood have been busy boys and girls lately.

Firstly, they came to my attention with new track, 'Nite Prowlers,' which surfs the wave of the dubstep popularity, but also adds some of the elements of early 90's grunge and experimental and distorted rock.

nite prowlers by truewomanhood

What's even more impressive is that this track was composed 'by clanging pieces of metal around in a mile-long sewer tunnel + bass guitar, 808 drumz, and vocals- all run through a severely malfunctioning tape delay.' It's this sort of creativity and dedication to creation that makes me feel kinda useless, but knowing someone is out there doing it is a nice consolation.

Also, they have started a new project called 'Reel Too Real,' which you can read all about by following the link.

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