Saturday, 27 November 2010

VBS Films Student Riots

For those of you who are not in the UK and have no real need to keep up to date with UK news, these last few weeks students have been getting pretty angry about the rises in tuition fees.

As a student myself, I very much agree with those who are fighting against this proposed rise and it upsets me greatly to see other young people either not caring or openly criticising the protesters and finding them an embarrassment.

Obviously, violence is not how we would like to achieve our goals and greater unity and a more definitive stance is required, but to be perfectly honest, it makes me so fucking angry hearing that an entire generation who spent their whole youth fighting 'the system,' who benefited from free University education and who are responsible for this whole economic mess are condemning the behaviour of rioters, telling us we have to pay ridiculously high fees and telling us that we are going to have to pay to get the economy going again, while the rich carry on as good as unaffected.

Oh yeah, and when we do leave University, there are hardly any jobs thus making those 3 years and £27 000 in tuition fees a complete and total waste.

If you really want to organise effective action against this, why not refuse to sit your exams? Everyone from A-Level to final year students. Show them that we are actually not prepared to pay. After all, what is the point in protesting so vehemently against something, if after you lose you're still going to be a part of it?

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  1. It's disgusting that the police can just treat students like that. The thought of having to start out adult life with something like a 50,000 pound debt makes me feel a bit sick, but at the same time cuts have to be made somewhere no? I don't wanna be living in this recession forever. And also supposedly there are going to be more grants available because of the extra flow of income from the risen fees. I think we're heading for some really angry times, worse than this, everyones feeling pretty fucked over cuz all of our lives it's been like this huge build up to university then getting a degree, n pleasing the system and getting a good job then all of a sudden they spring this on us, it's almost like we haven't been given a choice. Maybe some good will come out of it, like degrees being more worthwhile or people not being so turned off by jobs you don't need a degree for.