Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Young Circles

Young Circles are high school friends Jeff Rose, David Barnard, and Jordy Asher coming all the way from sunny Florida. Recent well known Floridian bands include Surfer Blood and The Drums, so they are amongst pretty decent company.

                                          Photo by Alex Vanderkooy

It's almost impossible to pin these guys down to a single genre or compare them to another band past or present. The best way to decribe them really is an experimental noise-rock band. But, even that doesn't quite do it. Each song from new EP Bones has it's own style. There is definitely some dub influences, blues, psych-rock and many more.

Speaking of their new EP, it is out on 1/11/11. At first, I thought that this meant it wasn't going to be released until a year from now, seeing as how being British I write my dates DD/MM/YY, but then I remembered Americans give the DD and MM the ol' switcheroo. In conclusion, it's probably out 11th January. Makes more sense really, surely no band needs a whole years worth of hype?

You can listen to and download the song 'Sharp Teeth' which is straight off their new EP. It's cool, totally legit.


  1. To start, Drums isnt really a Florida band, that's a technicality. They're a Brooklyn, NY band.

    There has been some bad blood between Surfer Blood and the Young Circles band members.

  2. The Drums was kinda started when Jonathan was living in Brooklyn and when Jacob was living in Florida and their first EP was recorded in Florida, so there's definitely a connection with Florida. You could even say they made their only good stuff when they were in Florida ...


    I was new to Young Circles so was not aware of this bad blood. Shame, since they're both good.