Saturday, 6 February 2010

Decked Out

Roasting hot potatoes!

That was awesome!

Last night/this morning, I had the privilege of going to the Decked Out 10th Anniversary Party at the Elephant and Castle Coronet, and it reallly did not disappoint. Although for me, the awesomeness of that day started at about quarter to 4 in the afternoon when, whilst on the phone to my Dad by the Savoy Gardens, who should I see walking towards me? None other than Clara 3000, in full Coolcats gear and to top it off, I too was in full Ed Rec apparel! Naturally, I kept on the lookout for other members of the Ed Rec crüe, but alas no more where to be found, for now ...

I prepare to leave and as I bid farewell to my housemates, my attire did bring about a few laughs, but I'll be the one laughing soon (I got my photo taken by this lovely girl and fingers crossed I'll make the cut!)

I arrive eagerly anticipating Busy P's special French Touch set which would get the night off to a flyer, ut I also manged to catch the end of Justin Robertson's set and it sounded pretty solid. But, when Monsieur Winter took to the decks the floor filled up pretty quick and the highlight was most definitely the crowd singing along to 'Da Funk.'

Next up were Feadz and Brodinski, who played a hip-hop set which went down pretty well and it was good to hear some Uffie on a night out. Although, Feadz definitely stole the show with his dancing on stage which really livened things up.

Taking the decks at 1 was Dave Clarke and I have to admit I didn't stay for much of it because I was eager to catch Aeroplane, who were playing in the second room at the same time who played a nice mix of more disco-y dance music.

And then, at around 2 in the morning, something very special happened: Erol Alkan and Xavier de Rosnay took over and all hell broke loose, but in a good way. From the very beginning, when you heard that monstrous opening to 'Genesis,' you knew you were going to hear something special. They brought all of Justice's big tracks: Genesis, D.A.N.C.E., Waters of Nazereth, DVNO, We Are Your Friends and Stress (but no Phantom Pt. 2, but I'm not going to be that guy and complain when the rest was so awesome). Then there was the moment when they slapped down 'Zero' (err it was 'Heads Will Roll' actually you moron!) and silver glitter paper rained down from the ceiling, but the highlight had to be their closing track, 'Roxanne,' which went down a treat!

Taking possibly the hardest job of the night and following these two after a hour of sweaty moshpit-like madness were Boys Noize and DJ Mehdi, who played a set of slightly more techno-ish music, which although couldn't match the hedonistic atmosphere of Erol and Xavier, kept the party well and truly banging.

Unfortunately, that was where the night ended for me as by that time I was hungry, thirsty and tired and decided that since I'm not a huge Crookers fan I'd call it a night and be happy with what I'd already got.

Oh yeah, just remembered I had a slightly cryptic ending to an earlier paragraph relating to meeting the Ed Rec crüe. Well, whilst walking around the place I only managed to stumble across DJ Mehdi and Gaspard Augè and they very kindly agreed to give me a photo each, and although I may have my 'special' face on, I don't care!

End Transmission
(part 2 coming 5th March!)

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