Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back From The Wilderness

Hey there guy(s) and/or girl(s)! It's been much too long.

Merry February and a happy new Thursday! Ok, so it may now be the 4th, but the well-wishing stands.

Just got back from the pitchers, where I've only gone done seen 'Avatar.' I went to try and jump on a good old fashioned bandwagon only to find that not only has it left, it has now reached new lands so I'm just left sitting in the dust. But it was actually good, kinda makes me want to find some sort of Socialist Revolutionary Forces and join the fight against the thieving , imperialist motherlickers!

Today, I will share with you lovely lot 'Olympic.' They are French of course.

Listening to their most playd track 'Promises,' they sound like fellow Frenchman and Grammy winners (whoop!), Phoenix, but without the hope, yet it still sounds good.

Then for 'NY to LA,' they go more Teenagers-y, with their upbeat synths and roving guitars and drums.

Put together Phoeix and The Teenagers and more often than not you will get a winning combo, in my book anyway, and this is one of those joyous occasions.

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