Sunday, 28 February 2010


WOW!  2 posts in one day, what have you done to deserve this, you might be asking yourself either in despair or surprise.  The latter would obviously be preferable.

More French music too, from 'Plastiscines.'

However, before addressing the music, I feel we must first deal with that enormous elephant in the corner.  Yeah, they're dead fit, or as fellow French rock-popsters 'The Teenagers' might say, 'more than fuckable.'

As far as modern influences and similar artists go I'd have to say I feel like I can hear a bit of 'Ting Tings' which isn't necessarily bad, and of course since they are are rock band with female vocals the wonderful Karen O and the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' can be heard in there too, but without quite the same lyrical sophistication, but for me, I'm all about the music behind that talking nonsense.

What's also good to hear is that they do sing some of their songs in French which I do like to see/hear just because I feel it's important that they should not neglect their home fans.  Also, it makes them sound like what Yelle might if she swapped the synths for guitars.

Très belles, non?


  1. Yeah, maybe. I am rather in love with the lifelike remix of barcelona at the moment, merveilleux!