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How's it going? Remeber me? I'm the guy that writes stuff here? You know, about 1, 80m, medium-long brown hour, incredibly handsome? What do you mean 'doesn't ring any bells?! You best remember quick-smart or I'm gonna hurt you!

Sorry for the lack of update-age, if anyone is indeed out there, I've been brushing up on my Big Pink and Drums in preparation for yesterdays Shockwaves NME tour at the O2 academy in Brixton (gotta keep the sponsors happy, hey Tiger).

Anyway, it was definitely worth it. Even though I missed the opening song from The Drums due to the absolutely epic mission involved in getting from Canada Water to Brixton when the Jubilee line is shut and buses taking 20 minutes to turn up, but whatever, I wasn't annoyed at all.

Anyway, The Drums were pretty darn good with Jonathan adding some interesting effects to his vocal performance, but still keeping it powerful and then there was some c-crazy tamborine work going on at one point and I must confess I can't quite remember if it was Adam or Jacob jumping across the stage. They played a few tracks from their 'Summertime' EP, but also played some new stuff too which sounded good.

Next up were The Big Pink, and my oh my, what a performance. With a smoke machine and a cool lighting show going on behind as they walked on and then the incredible noise they managed to produce as they geared up to play 'Too Young To Love,' is actually impossible to describe as I just wouldn't be able to do it justice, you'll just have to see them live to understand.

At this stage, I think a few Bombay Bicycle Club fans may have wet themselves in fear and there were two guys standing next to me who looked thouroughly unimpressed throughout the set. Afterwards Robbie was clearly a bit hot and decided to take off his jacket and to be honest I was expecting him to be classic heoin chic, but in fact his arms were magnificent, I was quite taken aback by their musculature, but that's irrelevant. They follwed that up with 'At War With The Sun' which is a good track, but after hearing how they played 'Too Young To Love,' I would have loved to hear 'Crystal Visions,' but alas they only had a 30 minute set.

'Velvet' was, as expected, amazing too and then came 'Frisk' followed by 'Tonight.' So, therfore, they closed with the positively anthemic 'Dominos' which went down an absoulte treat and was even followed by some crowd surfing from Robbie and you could see the steward was not best pleased with this, but hey man, this is rock 'n' roll! But, for me the highlight of the performance was definitely the opening because as I said, it was just so loud and, just, wow.

What struck me after this performance though was how tame The Drums seemed in comparison to this. This is probably just because of their different styles and that The Drums were the opening act so therefore the least big, but honestly, The Big Pink were on another planet.

I decided to leave after that because I'm really not too fussed about BBC and that would mean waiting ages for The Maccabees, who are alright I reckon, but I did only buy tickets to this because I saw 'The Big Pink ' were playing.

Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera and take any pictures because I thought an NME show would be a great time to wear my 'Sonic Tramp' tee, thinking that other Big Pink fans will appreciate the Sonic Youth reference, and you don't wear a cool shirt like this only to cover it up with a jacket (which would have provided space for a camera), no matter how cold it is. But unfortunately, it recieved no attention at all which has led me to beleive that the 'indie' crowd is nowhere near as fun as the electro crowd where my tees go down a treat.

All in all though, a great gig.


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