Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Who IS that racket?

Hey there guys.

Just to clear something up from my last post, it was 'Heads Will Roll' and not 'Zero' that got played at Decked Out and that has now been corrected. Durrr!

Anyway, I've been cheating lately and not talking about music. Today, I feel 'Housse de Racket' are worthy of a mention because, let's face it, who doesn't love them?

This funky synth-pop duo hail from the home of all good electro music, France.

Anyway, their first real big track 'Synthétiseur' is definitely a winner with it's huge synths just not letting you go. Then come the dreamy, french (they sing all in French) vocals followed by a funky beat which you can't help but nod along too. No wonder it's such a hit for their live shows.

'Sur le Papier' is also another good track. You can definitely hear the similarities with 'Too Young' on this track, and there are most definitely worse songs too sound like! But, there's no need to get too hung up on comparing them with their predecessors (Daft Punk, Phoenix and Justice) because they are enormous shoes too fill and they definitely have thier own style and could maybe break up that Holy Trinity one day.

More news for you guys: I pre-ordered the Late of the Pier Blueberry/Best in the Class 12" last night and am rather excited about it, even though I'll only be able to look at it as I don't have a vinyl player, but if anyone has any other ideas for potential uses, let me know!

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