Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So what do drums eat?


Did you like my echo effect?  Me neither, frivolous and annoying.  Let me start again.


But now I can't concentrate, knowing that we are living in this artificial and totally contrived greeting because surely, once we know life is artificial and contrived there really is no reason to continue and the only option remaining must surely be suicide.  Let me offer my sincerest apologies to you, my readers, but please don't kill yourselves for then I will have no readers and my blog will have no purpose and will have to commit sui-blog-icide/ I'll just discontinue it.

Anyways, that was all a bit weird, not really sure where that all came from

More New Yoikers, that is at least after they left New Joysey, for y'all today, but these ones are called 'Cymbals Eat Guitars.'  Perhaps what I like most about them is they're a little different from other stuff I've been listening to lately because, just for the moment, I'm growing a little tired of dreamy pop and surfer rock.

This guys are just playing their very own 'indie-rock' music, and it is good.  Definitely American from the sounds of its guitars, but not typically (contemporary) New York, at least in the current musical climate.

'And The Hazy Sea' sounds like it's strarted about 2 minutes into itself, it's opening is that grand, and listening to it I get the impression that seeing it live would be quite impressive with the almost shouted lyrics and merciless guitars.

So if you're in the London area then tomorrow, go see them at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, a really nice and small venue, too.  I would, but I have no money and I don't think many people I know really care.

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