Saturday, 27 February 2010

Eine Kleine House Musik

Howdy doodle, peeps.

Last night, something occured to me as I was staring at a poster, is it 'rit-on', 'right-on' or is it 'brighton' with a silent 'b.'  All this time I've always assumed that it was the first pronunciation, but he's English, not French.  If you haven't already worked out, I am of course talking about Riton; DJ, producer and musician extraordinaire.

Recently he's been busy making some squelchy and banging electro beats with Seiji.

Computer Juice (official video) from Riton Time on Vimeo.


But, that's not what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis!

I am of course on about his latest collaboration with super Coolcat DJ Mehdi which is an all house project called 'Carte Blanche.'  I was of course a little apprehensive at first, I mean, when I were a lad, it sounded like this:

But, let's not forget that it can sound like this:

I have to say that after listening to 'In The Mix', the first track to be 'leaked' from the upcoming EP sounds pretty nice and is definitely on the Daft Punk side of the spectrum and is very condusive for move-bustin' and I expect to be throwing some crazy shapes to it next Friday.

And by the way, according to his wikipedia page I was wrong with all my guesses, it's actually pronounced reet-on.  Which kinda makes sense, seeing as he's from the north of England

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