Sunday, 14 February 2010

Horse Shoes

Why do horses need shoes? What's so special about horses? Why not cow shoes or dog shoes? What does it mean?!

Well, anyway, they have served one useful purpose at least and given their name to a pretty good New York band, Horse Shoes.

These guys sure sound purty nice. On their track 'Changing Winds' they manage to combine some dreamy and tropical beats with soothing vocals which sounds a bit like what might happen if 'Friendly Fires' and 'Air France' had a baby, but then Fires walked out only for it to then be raised by 'The Sound of Arrows' in a weird musical love triangle.

The other songs that I've managed to listen to follow the same sort of genre. 'The Perfect Combination' has a pretty tasty synth intro that you could probably listen to forever with your eyes shut with a huge grin on your face, hell I'm even doing it right now!

Basically, you should definitely get your hands on their music because they are good ande depending on how my financial situation develops I'll try and catch them in London later this month, although I may have to save my money for Crystal Castles in April.

Here's a little playlist I made for today, will try and get it on Spotify, but it's being a pain and not working for me.

  1. Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
  2. Denis - Blondie
  3. If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
  4. Into The Clouds - The Sound Of Arrows
  5. Ce Jeu - Yelle
  6. Islands - The xx
  7. F1rst Love - Uffie
  8. Back Of The Van - Ladyhawke
  9. You Please Me - Dragonette
  10. Velvet - The Big Pink
  11. Golden Pendulum - The Big Pink
  12. I Felt Stupid - The Drums
  13. Last Dance - The Raveonettes
  14. Holdin' On Together - Phoenix
Sunday is for lovers.

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