Friday, 29 January 2010

Americans Do It Better

Thought that us Europeans had the monopoly on dreamy electro-pop? Turn your head around and think again, monsieur!

I managed to come across this rather marvellous fellow on MySpace earlier today called Jamie Long. And boy-howdy has he struck gold. Throwing together dreamy synths, a handful of fuzzy guitars and an ample portion of brooding and downbeat vocals he creates a wonderful music pie your ears will never have too much of.

Especially enjoyable to listen to is 'Pool House' which has an intro that you just don't want to end that sounds like it's just flown in from Stockholm, so it's no surprise then that perennial favourites 'The Sound of Arrows' of got their hands on his work and offered up their very own wonderful remix of 'Years.'

If you go to his MySpace page (linked up top, like) you should be able to find a link to get an absolutely free download of 'Pool House' and 'Monaco.' Yay!

Also in the news today: I got my clammy hands on this latest piece from SebastiAn, 'Threnody.' Hmm, usually I can get down to his futuristic sounds, but on this record, do we really need 11(!) minutes if build up, don't get me wrong when it gets going I think it's pretty tasty, but I could have done without 11 minutes of pure engine noise.

Now, off to start thinking about what should make it into my luurve mix for Valentine's Day.

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