Monday, 1 March 2010


Just a cheeky quicky today, you can put the notepad away for this one.

Don't you just hate having friends?  Especially when you've managed to find a group who are cool to be around and for a laugh, but who really have no common interests/hobbies?  Well that's what has happened to me and it looks like it might cost me the opportunity to get up close and personal with none other than Late Of The Pier as they celebrate the release of 'Blueberry/ Best In Class' at a special in-store event at 'Pure Groove.'  Instead, it looks like I'll be at a student club, wanting to cut off my own ears, for someones birthday.  Even worse, the guy hates that place too, but it's THE place to go on Wednesdays if you go to King's.


I would try and invite people, but I just know that as soon as say 'Late Of The Pier' the reply will be, 'Who?'  And I'll repeat the name and try my best to define their style, which isn't easy and they'll just say, 'but everyone goes to Walkabout!'  End result = sad face for me.

If I did manage to go it would make this upcoming week pretty amazing with Republic of Ireland v Brazil on Tuesday, LOTP on Wednesday and 'Husky Rescue' is still an option on Friday which finishes with Ed Banger's 7th birthday party which will just be awesome.

Shocker number 2 is that I got my ticket for 'Crystal Castles' the other day, mixed feelings of excitement and fear, only to then realise that 20th April is the date of one of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, which could very easily involve Manchester United. 

Damn.  At least it's only the first leg.

On the bright side, at least I should get my LOTP vinyl edition of 'Blueberry/ Best In Class' this week.

Here are some tunes, just for shits.

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