Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Going Through The Motions Kills Emotions

I think it's safe to say that Manchester is very much the capital of electro-synth-pop and therefore the capital of music.  Over the past week or two one band keeps cropping up almost everywhere I look, and that band is MAY68.  I think it's safe to say that this 5-some is named after that rather topsy-turvy time in Paris seeing as it is seen as watershed moment in French post-war history, maybe even European and on thier myspace page tey lead with the slogan 'boredom is counterrevolutionary,' which was a slogan of the 'agitators.'  In this month some pretty serious shit went down,  forget that, saying it like that just trivialises it.

These guys are very similar to long time favourites and contender for my favourite band Performance.  These guys play some slightly more high-tempo stuff so I would very much expect to hear the trendy DJ's in the hipster clubs playing these guys and they're not quite as bleak either, but I do like bleak.

And of course, like any self-respecting band these days, they are also DJ's and capable of cracking out a really cool remix of Hot Club De Paris track 'Extra Time Then Sudden Death' which is available as a free download if you sign up to their mailing list.  Also, if you have a look around on the RCRD LBL website you can get the Acid Washed remix of their song 'My Ways.'  Actually, go to RCRD LBL even if you hate these guys because they are choc-full of awesome, free tracks.

If all that wasn't enough for you, you'll be glad to hear that there is more because they've also made a mini DJ mix which has some tasty tracks on it from The xx, SebastiAn, Gorillaz and others.  It's only about 20 minutes long, but still definitely worth a download.

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