Sunday, 7 March 2010

Jamaica-N Me Crazy!

Friday night was pretty good.

Mickey Moonlight got things started pretty well withwhat was a rather good set that got that dance-floor pretty busy, which doesn't always happen before 11.  Second was So Me and he was awesome, bangin' out tune after tune. 

He opened with 'Planisphere,' not the full 17 minutes obviously, which quite was quite possibly the highlight for me.  He also treated us to 'Pocket Piano,' 'Let There Be Light,' 'Revolution 909,' 'Heads Will Roll,' 'Winner Takes It All(!),' 'Atlantis To Rosszone,' 'Don't Stop Believing' and many more as he treated us to 90 minutes of awesomeness. 

SebastiAn was next up and I got the feeling that it was almost a live performance of stuff from his new album and I loved it, but we also got a shortened version of 'Threnody, 'Aerodynamic' and 'Stress.' 

Busy P was also on fire dropping bombs like 'Waters Of Nazereth,' 'In The Mix,' 'The Big Beat (well, at least that epic guitar part that first comes in about 40 seconds in)' and 'Final' from A Cross The Universe.

Also, I picked up a cool poster and received some nice compliments from actual Coolcats, who were selling some nice merch, regarding my t-shirt, in fact, this guy even grabbed my chest.

That was longer than I had hoped, but I'll press on with new issues.  Today I got my hands on a free download of 'Jamica' called 'I Think I Like U 2' off-of those good guys at The NME.  For those of you who didn't/follow the Jamaica link they used to be 'Poney Poney.'  If you were a fan before, and somehow failed to here about this change, don't worry, their musical style hasn't changed drastically.

But don't get it twisted, that ain't no bad thing, just stating facts.  They are kind of like 'Das Pop' but with a bit more edge and a funky bassline, maybe that's what happens when you get quite possibly the coolest man on earth to produce your album.  And you know what, if you've got help from 'Justice' when making music you are going to succeed because I don't think it's too outrageous to say they are perhaps among the best remixers around.

 Grammy winning remix for you there.

Embedding was disabled and I didn't want to use a non-ofiicial video because you should watch this because it's cool.


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