Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Music From Old Friends

First up, a word to my regular(s).  I've made a few design changes lately which I hope hasn't offended you greatly, it's just I didn't really like the previous layout and the way the way the writing spread across the screen, more compact now, and pretty much like every other/a (choose which one you feel is most appropriate) decent blog.

Today has seen quite a bit of action in the way of new releases, although probably no different to any other week, except this week I've poked my head out of my window and had a look at what's happening in the world.

First up, Kavinsky has given us a preview of a new track 'Nightcall' which follows his early styles of 80's/video game music.  However, this is an actual song with vocals, which by all accounts is Vinco himself.  While it's not as banging as 'Testarossa Autodrive' it's pretty nice when the 80's electro-pop synths kick in with female vocals.  Look out for his new EP 'Pacific Coast Highway' or 'Nightcall,' depending on who you belive, which I believe is currently scheduled for release on 22nd March and the title track made it onto  Busy P's Christmas top ten, so you know it's good.

Quick shout out to the LOTP boys who released 'Best In The Class,' but use of the 'the' isn't universal but using the definite article makes more sense, today and it's good.  Obvs!  The Soulwax remix or whatever you want to call it is also pretty manic too.

3rd up, New Young Pony Club are streaming the whole of their new album 'The Optimist' on their MySpace which I'm trying to listen to right now except my internet connection is doing its level best to stop me by pausing 4/5 times PER SONG to buffer and I'm losing patience very quickly, especially since I really do have to be up in 7 1/2 hours.

I'd already managed to get my hands on 'Lost A Girl,' since they gave it away for free, and I was impressed with it, and 'Chaos' had been getting some air time NME tv lately and I thought it sounded pretty good, and stuff usually sounds way worse on music video channels than it does out of proper speakers.  Title track 'The Optimist' sounds like it took some inspiration from the Mighty Boosh's 'Mod Wolves' song with it's pipes and there's another effect which I'm sure has been sampled, but I remember where I think I've heard it before, it's incredibly annoying.  BOOM!  FLASH!  I've got it!  It sounds like it's come from 'Wizards' by 'You Love Her Coz She's Dead.'

What strikes me most about this album is how much more grown up this album sounds with it's lack of overt sexuality à la 'Ice Cream,' not to say I didn't like their first album, but it's good to see they've managed to find a new direction.  Although, it doesn't seem to be quite as danceable/jump-up-and-down-able but it's still worh a listen and a place in your record collection.

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