Friday, 19 March 2010

Picture Book

No preamble, let's get to it.

Picture Book must be the most cosmopolitan band on earth right now, maybe even ever, with lead singer Greta hailing from the Faroe Islands, the drummer and the axe-man coming from New York, and they all decided to get together and start a band in Liverpool.

This, however, is where it gets tricky for me.  You see, I was brought up proper by my dad, a Mancunian, so I have a pretty healthy disdain for all things Liverpudlian.  It hurts to say The Beatles were any good, it's still a little annoying that Wayne Rooney is a scouser and I'm still baffled as to how they managed to be European Capital of Culture.

But, putting all that aside for now, I can tell you that this trio make some really good stuff.  Throwing together some blissed out electro beats with some fairly old-fashioned actual proper singing, not just talking over the music.  The end result is a real aural treat.

Listening to their latest single, which has been out for a few months and is on iTunes, it feels like I should be sat down in a really dark club, sipping on a cocktail with a pretty lady nearby.  'Tother single 'Strangers' will keep the dead moody indie kids like myself happier with it's slightly more aggressive melody and talk of strangers.  Expect to see some pretty crazy hipster dancing, of which I am a pro, if you ever hear this track.

They have a couple of other tracks up on their myspace too which are definitely worth a listen and  I'm looking forward to the time when they're big enough to get a gig in big ol' London because for now they're still playing fairly local gigs, except for Peterborough.

Oh well.  Bye byes.

Oh yeah, don't forget Sunday is the biggest event of the year.  Let's please get back to beating L*verpool  and get closer to title number 19.

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