Monday, 29 March 2010

Let's Make This The Rockinest Holy Week. Ever.

So, THE biggest week of the year is finally upon us, good Catholic boys like me getting ready to thank Superman for saving mankind by slaying Godzilla by throwing donkeys and wine in his face, before Batman went and grassed him up to the police because he needed some money to buy more dope, in that epic battle over 2000 years ago and after the police caught Superman they took him to Goldfinger, who was a bit clueless really, and decided that it would be best to nail him up and use him as a handy shelf in his office.  Way to drop the ball!  But, then 3 days later Lois Lanewent to get a book only to find them all in a mess on te floor and then Superman came back and said that 'He was cool.'  They hooked up for a bit, but she got too clingy so he thought 'Fuck this' and left to 'go to the shops.'  Well, I'm pretty sure that's what all the fuss is about.  To be honest, I just heard people talk about crosses, donkeys and wine, got bored and decided to make the story a bit more exciting.

How do you think Superman would want us to remember him?  I reckon that he'd want me to talk about noisy Norwegians.  In fact, he told me so last night. 

More precisely, Serena Maneesh, a five piece from said country.  These guys are part of the 4AD crüe, home of The Big Pink, Efterklang, TV On The Radio and Bon Iver to name but a few.  Don't know about you, but I would say that's pretty good company to be in.  Well, these guys are releasing album number 2 'Serena Maneesh 2: Abyss In B Minor.'

'I Just Want To See Your Face' throws together a nice mix of noisy and aggressive guitars and a drum beat that sounds like it should be on a Sonic Youth track.  Wait a minute that's all Sonic Youth stuff, winner!  Except, I would have to say that the vocals are bit more pleasing, no offence Kim

'Ayisha Abyss' would probabbly feel pretty comfortable in 1970's Germany with it's fairly repetitive, NOT a criticism just an observation, beat which throws in a few psychedelic and spacey moments, but gradually buids up over the 7 minutes.  'Reprobate' sounds equally impressive too with plenty of the same ingredients, without being boring.


Also, Dum Dum Girls have an album out now, or in about 9 hours for those of us in England and who still go to record stores, which is good news.  Get a free download of them covering The Raveonettes here, or somewhere else as well, probably.

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