Monday, 15 March 2010

Post #34

Yeah, all this 'success' is just going to my head so I've gone all postmodern with my titles.  Although, I've read that article a few times and to be honest, I'm still a little bit lost as to what postmodernism is, as far as I can tell if something's a bit shit and up it's own arse, it's postmodern.

So, do you like Archie Bronson?  Only his clothes you say?  Well you're in for a treat today because I want to give the Archie Bronson Outfi a few words of love today.

A couple of weeks ago, this London based trio released album numéro 3 called 'Coconut.'

Opener 'Magnetic Warrior' starts things off real nice with slightly off sounding guitars which jars you a little and creates a nice sense of intrigue about how the song, and the album, will unfold, and without spoiling it too much for you, it's dead good and worth carrying on with.

'Shark's Tooth', is, well, a competely different animal.  One which is not so reliant on heavy guitar riffs, but they are of course still to be found.  I do quite enjoy the lack of clarity in the vocals, not just because I personally find it aurally pleasing, but it also enables you to fully appreciate the 'instrument-manship' that goes into the song.

So, if anyone reading this happens to find themselves in mainland Europe for the next two months, I'd go and see them.  Actually, that's a lie because I won't be seeing them since my bank account is approaching crunch-time.

Bye now.  I'm off to go ask for a Government bail out.

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