Friday, 12 March 2010

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Who else remembers the glorious days of Pokémon?  Trading cards with mates, selling off that useless Farfetch'd to the stupid kid and, of course, completing the Gameboy game.  I'd say that the craze reached me in little ol' St Albans when I was about 10 and to be honest with you we were ready for a new craze since the sad demise of the pog a few years earlier.

I never really understood how to play with the Pokemon cards so I just tended to have them only for show and to fulfill my obsessive need to have a complete set, but not many other kids tended to have 'card battles' either.  We were all about the Gameboy.

You definitley went for the Charmander, because let's face it, if you're in battle what would you rather have: a weed, a turtle with a water pistol or a fire breathing dragon?  Easy choice really.  For one version, I even had an official Nintendo book with hints and tips on how to win because I was never really any good at computer games, you see I was too busy outside, playing football and the like when I were a lad.  Ay, you were lucky!  That's not to say I didn't still really love the game.  I was pretty stoked when I actually managed to beat the 'Elite Four' and then go and capture my very own 'Mewtwo' and then go back and absolutley destroy said four with ease.

You may be a little confused by this, and I wouldn't blame you.  You probably came here by accident or hoping to read some poor reviews of bands and music that you've probably heard of and not reminiscing about 90's phenomena.

Well, it's to coincide with the lovely and super people at VICE commisioning seven guys/gals to draw some Pokémon inspired art to which is also to coincide with the release of new Pokémon games called 'HeartGold' and 'SoulSilver' which will be released on Nintendo DS and DSi.  What's more, they're having a party to celebrate it all, and why the hell not?!  The guests look very cool indeed and I'll keep it secret for now since they've not been advertised on the event website and I don't want to get in any more trouble today, not after the grilling I had trying to sell 440 stamps, long story.

Anyway, the art all looks very nice indeed, but really don't take my word for it art since I'm well out of touch when it comes to drawing and such so look again, assuming you followed the earlier link.

But, for those of you who want music, go listen to Extra Life, sorry if that's old news.

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