Saturday, 8 May 2010

Check Out My Mate's Mate's Band

Today is all about keeping it in the 'fairmly' and making sure that age-old British tradition of nepotism alive and well.

First up is 'Fez.'  When I was first told about these guys they were described to me as 'like Phoenix,' so naturally I was in love without even hearing a single note, and now that I've listened to them, the comparison bears out pretty well actually.  The only major differences are the 'rockier' guitars and the stronger vocals, but that might be a little harsh on Monsieur Mars seeing as he doesn't have the luxury of singing in his native language.  Although, just to clarify the 'Phoenix' comparison, 'Fez' are definitely 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' Phoenix and not 'Alphabetical' Phoenix.

Some more real good news is that they are actually giving away their 6 track EP and you've got to love free music.  I'm going to ask for mine so hopefully they've not run out.

This next bit really might not be necessary since I'm going to assume that if you've managed to get here you're probably a regular in Chinatown so either this is well old or you actually know this guy.  But, I suppose there's no harm in adding to the current good vibes being showered all over Markus Perttula and making it officially international, even if my meddling only does result in about 4 people being in the know.

Of course being English and currently not having any Finnish as part of my foreign language repertoire, my favourite songs are 'Never Be Okay,' 'Swept Away,' and 'Volcano.'  But, that's not to say I can't appreciate the beautifully serene guitars and softly spoken vocals in the Finnish songs.

In the meantime, any comments which help to explain Differential Geometry would be well appreciated.

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