Thursday, 6 May 2010

Silver Columns

I can tell that I'm getting nervous and stressed about life because right now I'm just constantly listening to 'A Cross The Universe' which of course is no bad thing on it's own since it is well and truly bangin'.  I'm listening to it on the bus, walking around and in the gym.  Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but since I'm properly scrobbled up with, I look like a real Justice freak who just never listens to anything else, and that doesn't really inspire confidence in people when you're supposed to be looking out for new and/or good music.  But, listening to Justice just gives me huge, great big freakin' grin.

But, lucky-ish for you I can still read when I'm listening to Justice.

For a while now I've been reading a lot of 'tweet-buzz' about 'Silver Columns' and it's been going long enough for me to think they're not just going to be some sort of flash-in-the-pan one-hit wonder and after listening to them I'd have to agree.

They are of course made up of Adem Ilhan, bassist alongside 'Four Tet' man Kieran Hebden in 'Fridge' and folksy wordsmith Johnny Lynch.  Listening to a the tracks that they have up on their myspace page I'd say I can hear similarities with 'MAY68', 'Monarchy' and most obviously 'Hot Chip'.  Why not have a listen and decide for yourself?

I've also been hearing that they put on a pretty mean live show and since they've got their debut album coming out soon they're going to be doing plenty of live shows in the next few months.  Not least on this Friday when they are part of a quite incredible line-up at Fabric which really has too many names to list here and they will also be playing with 'Yeasayer' on the forthcoming Topman CTRL tour in London.

Also, if you're in the UK and over 18, don't forget to vote, or not.

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