Friday, 28 May 2010

The Return

Hey guy(s).

I'm back!  (Sorry.)

The past two weeks have been crazy hectic with all sorts of exam nonsense, so I've been far too busy to write.  But, equations and all that bullshit are nearly done for another three months, so watch out Internet, I'm-a-coming!

Even though I was too busy to write, I wasn't too busy to get a couple of pretty ace shows under my belt and tick off two more bands and my 'to see live' list.  Not that I actually have a list, although I might make one, knock something pretty sexy on Excel and I'll be on my way.

Anyway, I managed to see Crystal Castles on the 19th when they played at Heaven, a little bit of me wishes Heaven would stop getting so many great bands because I'm pretty certain not everyone is convinced that I'm not gay and this doesn't really help to quash the speculation, but in the mean time I'm going to to keep going there, maybe even to see The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, who by the way have a new single out in a couple of weeks which you can listen to via links here, at the end of July.

I really must stop these digressions, but, yeah CC were amazing, didn't get right up front in the crowd where it seemed to get pretty manic with Alice jumping in during nearly every song.  The crowd were loving first album material, but weren't quite feeling the new stuff if you can gauge 'feeling it' by amount of jumping up and down / dancing, but I'm pretty sure they still loved it all though.  The one thing that sticks with me about that gig is how incredibly sweaty some people where, it did look a little bit like I'd missed a wet t-shirt competition.  Oh yeah, and to add to the mega-excitement when I was just hanging around outside before the gig I saw Ethan and Alice and the drummer man, sorry for lack of name-age, although I really doubt that these guys are aware of my pathetic little blog so I the apology is probably redundant, arriving at the club and I can confirm that Ethan is quite possibly the scariest man alive.  I wanted to take a picture as they walked towards me, but I felt like they might get angry and smash me in the face with my own camera, and of course I would also look way uncool and like some sort of fanboy, much better to be all nonchalant and like, 'Yeah, whatever, I just saw Crystal Castles, but I really couldn't give a shit, I don't even like them anyway, they're way too mainstream, I'm only here in an ironic way.'

Epic paragraph.

Then on the Wednesday just gone, the 26th, I saw Vampire Weekend at my very own student union, although they tried their best to make sure no one knew about it.  They said they didn't advertise it becasue it was an MTV event so it was all MTV's responsibility.

I got there at around half 8 and managed to catch the support act who unfortunately are still a mystery to me since I have no 'hipster sources' and I'm not prepared to go past page one on a Google search.  At first I thought it may have been 'Dum Dum Girls' for a few reasons:

1. They were an all girl band
2. They were playing lo-fi rock and roll
3. Vampire Weekend have already announced they will be touring North America with them this Autumn.
4. And I wasn't really sure what they looked like.

However, I'm now fairly confident it wasn't them.  Oh well.

But, Vampire Weekend did indeed rock my socks playing a mighty 14 song set that got everyone dancing and happy, especially for the encore of 'Mansard Roof' and 'Walcott.'

So all in all a good week that surely couldn't get better?  Think again.

That's right, this week saw the start of the summer Test Matches.  That's what you were expecting me to write, wasn't it?

I think I've written enough now, you should congratulate yourself for making it this far, I know I would've given up.

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