Monday, 10 May 2010

Mini Post (That turned out a bit long really)

Not got too much to say today, but what I am going to say is definitely worth a post on it's own.

As you may be aware today saw 'Foals' release album number two, 'Total Life Forever.'  Now, I've not had a chance to go and buy it or listen to it yet because I had a pesky exam this afternoon, but I'm pretty confident it is excelente el presidente.


And to celebrate this joyous occasion why not treat yourself to a well bangin' remix of 'This Orient' by those crazy guys at 'Silver Columns.'

This Orient (Silver Columns remix) by silvercolumns

Just another bit of info, but I'm sure you're aware already because you know doubt immersed yourselves in all things 'Silver Columns' after reading about/ being reminded of them here t'other day, but back on point, they are releasing their single 'Cavalier' on the 17th May via Moshi Moshi.  But don't worry little ones, you can already watch it now!

Don't say I don't treat you right.

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