Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Connan Mockasin

Writer's block is quite worrying, especially when everything else you write is pretty average and not even worthy of being called the work of a writer.  But, nonetheless, I still feel literally uninspired.  If I was a rock star, I'd probably get my dealer on the phone and ask for a few hits so that I'd be able to write some awesome super weird and psychedelic music, a bit like Connan Mockasin.

These guys hail from that fine land of New Zealand, home of Ladyhawke, Daniel Vettori and leader of that infamous New York gang, 'The Tough Brets.'  But, anyway, here in the UK they are signed to Erol Alkan's 'Phantasy' label which is home to a whole plethora of fantabulous acts like 'LOTP', 'Chilly Gonzales', 'Fan Death' and more.

It seems like wherever these guys are they keep good company.

Their first album, 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat' is going to hit the racks next Monday 17th here in the UK, but you can have a sneaky preview of the whole album right here.  And d'you know what?  I think it sounds pretty good.  As far as modern comparisons go, it sounds a bit like what 'Oracular Spectacular' would've sounded like if 'MGMT' hadn't wanted to make a pop record, not to say I don't like 'Oracular Spectacular,' I do.  Just sayin' is all.

Whilst the album preview jigger-ma-thing has no full tracks, you can let your eyes and ears feast on this bit of video magic, that would probably even make Lewis Carroll freak the geek out.

Connan Mockasin - It's Choade My Dear from Connan Mockasin on Vimeo.

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