Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Swing Youth

Like many a blogger before me the time has come for me to quote legendary US senator Clay Davis and say: 'sheeeeeeee-it.'  The unthinkable has happened, there has been a leak at HQ and word has reached people I know that I bother the Internet two or three times a week with average music recommendations 2 or 3 times a week, how embarrassing.


Oh well, I've got to try and move on and put this behind me and come back stronger, like Jesus I guess.

You know t'other day when I was bragging about all this drug money I had and was spending it on records like a crazy fool.  Well, in amongst those purchases was the second single from London based indie-popsters 'Swing Youth.'  I was just browsing through the shelves when I saw this and seeing it described as great pop I was more excited than a fat kid in a sweet shop because I do love a great pop song and it was on sale for only one, single English pound.

So, I got back home and wacked on 'Jennifer/ Hey Keith' and while it wasn't 'Sound of Arrows' pop, it was still reet good.  So good infact, that I've managed to become one of their top listeners on last.fm.  'Hey Keith' may sound a bit like 'Madness' with backing vocals  provided by Damon Albarn, but it still manages to work with it's bouncy beats.

As I said, this was their second single and I've now given their first single 'Myself To Blame / Blade Of Grass' a listen, and you know what, I think it's even better.  A bit 'poppier' which suits me fine and some bitchin' drums.  Unfortunately, their first single is totally, super sold out, but is available on Spotify which is ace.


  1. Then you, good sir, have an excellent taste in music.

  2. And I almost forgot, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it!

  3. send us your email address Diego, and ill forward some other swing youth tunes for you to check out. they support the paddingtons at the lock tavern, camden on june 6th if your around too. 8pm

  4. Hey Dave. I'd really love to check out some more of their stuff. Email is: jamesbyrne16@hotmail.co.uk.
    And, you can call me James, this is just a ridiculous pseudonym I just made up to make my name a bit more exciting.

  5. sorry for the delay, popped over some old demos for you James!