Friday, 7 May 2010

Strange Hands

Are you ready for The Thunderdome?  Because that is what is going to happen, in the UK at least.  With the uncertainty that has followed this election the only way that we can now move forward is to enter some sort of post-apocalypse world where Cameron and Brown should have to fight to the death for the right to govern.  Start buying weapons, hoarding fuel and shooting down packs of feral children before they grow and become too strong and overpower you. 

It's going to happen.

But, when you're out in the garden digging up the foundations for your apocalypse bunker why not hook your computer up to some speakers and listen to some Frenchmen playing some 60's style rock and roll with entrancing and repetitive guitar riffs, to remind you of simpler times, a time when it was only the Russians and Americans that were going to blow you up and not people in your won street, when there were riots only happened abroad and just the odd Presidential assassination

These French rockers are called 'Strange Hands' and are currently signed to 'underground' Dutch label 'A Fistful Of Records' who only keep it real and only release on vinyl.  Talking of releases, 'Strange Hands' are indeed releasing their first single, a 7", called 'Dead Frozen Deer' in the next few weeks and what's even better is that it's a totally new track to add to the 7 that they already have on their MySpace page.

So, yeah, laterz.

J-Rule out.

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