Tuesday, 12 January 2010


As I previously mentioned, this record is incredible, and here is why:

Right from the start, when 'Clarion Call' gets going you're already jiving along to the tasty synths and hot beats, and this is only 2 minutes into 51.6 minutes, according to my iTunes. Then, pow! 'Doubt' comes along and knocks your face right off, despite it's spluttering start, and you can't help but sing-a-long.

'This Momentary' continues the strong start and then it goes into 'Red Lights' where they release their inner-swede, which is essential for your emotional and physical well being.

Next up, is the title track, which at nine minutes long can be quite intimidating and when it starts you think, 'oh no, they've only gone and made nine minutes of pure ambience,' but hush those bad thoughts and send them onto the naughty step as it soon becomes a real good dance track and I wouldn't be surprised if it's caressing dancce floors as we speak.

Once more, 'Halcyon' and 'Submission' all good solid tracks that could easily become singles, much like every other track.

But now, coming in at track 8, the song this whole album has been building up to, and their closing track at live shows (at least when I've seen them), is 'Counterpoint' and boy-howdy is it good with hooks everywhere it might actually have to be made illegal due to the potential for injury.

'Ephemera' gives you a nice relaxing break before 'Remain' lifts you up gently ready for another listen.

What is remarkable, also, about this album is that it has 4 songs that come in at over 6 minutes, yet at no point do you start to get bored with the tracks, in fact you even want them to keep going.

Well done guys, and I didn't even mention New Order. Oh, wait ...

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