Friday, 15 January 2010

¡Vámonos Chicas!

Whilst getting my daily intake of NME tv the other day a band called Music go Music popped up. Unfortunately, the first thought that came into my head was that they look like a band your mum and dad might have been in about 30 years ago, such were the hair and clothes. But, that could just have been their style because we all know how 'in' the 80's are right now.

But, I gave them a chance and whilst not exactly ground-breaking, they're nice enough. After all, you could do worse than take Abba and Blondie as your main influences and I'm sure they'll pick up a nice niche following and manage to play to some full crowds, albeit in small venues, for their upcoming London dates. Yet, I'm not sure they'll shift many records in the UK judging by what makes it into the charts these days.

Completely unrelated, but worth mentioning anyway, a while back DJ Mehdi released 'Black, Black and Black,' his bootleg remix album, as a prelude to his 'Red, Black and Blue' remix album and he was giving it away for free and if you haven't got it yet, it's on his blog.

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