Tuesday, 19 January 2010



It seems that nowadays the Finns have given up tango dancing and sauna competitions and are now making music, with Renaissance Man and LCMDF seemingly the main culprits, and selling it to the rest of Europe. Yay!

But, wait! Who's this galloping in from the horizon? It's Husky Rescue. I say galloping, more waiting patiently for us foriegners to recognise them as they are soon to release their third studio album and have been together for nearly 8 years now.

Anyway, I got their free track 'We Shall Burn Bright' the other day and I'm quite enjoying it. It's a bit like Air France, but on a dark and slightly nightmarish LSD trip with it's whispered vocals and ominous tone which sort of reminds you of Goblin. So, yeah, it's definitely Finnish.

In other news, the votes are in and, with a little help from me old pal Joe, have been counteed and with a staggering 147.2% of the vote the winner was more Ed Rec gear. In second was rekkid spinning software with 72.5%, which ordinarily would be enough for victory in a four way race, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

To play us out, a really beautiful version of 'Ray Ban Glasses.'

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