Saturday, 2 January 2010


Howdy-doody partners. How goes it for you on this fair morn? Anyway, as promised I will give a few words about the pictures that lie beneath.

This year was pretty good for me, as far as live music is concerned. Kicked off big style in May for the Vice bank holiday party at Heaven where I saw Filthy Dukes play live and they were incredible, so good that I bought the album the next day, there was also the über-sexy Fan Death who also played some funky beats, but I don't think anyone else there really knew what they were about, ho-hum. Then, finally, Busy P and DJ Mehdi got on the decks and absolutely killed it, despite what Mehdi says.

However, that was just the calm before the storm. On the 10th July 2009, a small corner of south-east London became French when the Ed Banger crüe, avec Justice, took over the Coronet and threw the most amazing party.

Then, I had the privilege of seeing Friendly Fires perform their homecoming gig at the Alban Arena. I say privilege, because St Albans is not really top of the list when it comes to touring venues, in fact, if you're playing in St Albans you should probably be spending your days job hunting. They kept everyone dancing all night, and evem more incredible, the support act was Delphic!

October had the potential to be awesome, and for one magical night in Brixton, it was. Phoenix were quite simply mindblowingly good. The following weekend I had tickets for the Kitsuné party, but inexplicably, I decided not to go and have been ruing it ever since, although not as much as missing Soulwaxmas.

November, wasn't half bad either. Went to see Dragonette in Hoxton, but I was astounded that they were the opening act and were hardly advertised at all, when they were quite clearly the best band on the line-up, although it did allow me to leave and watch the Ireland France match.

To end the year, I won free tickets to see Crystal Fighters, Delphic and a little band called Kasabian, you might have heard of them, to celebrate the launch of myspce music. That night was incredible, possibly the best night of the year because the crowd were really up for it and created such an amazing atmosphere, I was buzzing all night.

Over and out.

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