Monday, 11 January 2010

Got some free time brah

Word up, dawgs!

Yeah, basically, got nowt to do for one whole motherscratching week and I've not actually left the house in over 48 hours, so you know I'm the guy to come to when it comes to being cooler than a cat in sunglasses and a leathet jacket.

What's that? 'I don't care about your pathetic life!' I hear you say, fair-do's. The other day I managed to find Oxford Style after myspace said we should be friends, like a teacher on your first day of school. I shuffled on over, apprehensively, but then again that's how I live my life, and you knw what, they're not bad. The choruses on 'your tragedy' are upbeat enough to tap your feet to and the beats are interesting enough to keep you interested.

'Personality' is clearly their love song, which meanders along nicely enough, but doen't really progress into anything substantial and 'Stained glass' is ok, but it's lyrics leave you wondering whether they want to be serious, however, they're still worth a listen.

But, let me talk about someone who is shit hot, and that is Robot Disaster. They are a mates mates band who I first went to see last October in a tiny pub in Kilburn and they rocked pretty hard despite not being the headliners and it's no surprise they're now playing bigger gigs now in London.

Their track 'Boy' is particularly impressive. It begins with a few steady guitar riffs, but then suddenly it threatens to take you off to the Balearics with it's trancy-ness going in the background (yeah my lack of proper musical knowledge badly exposed there). Say it quietly, but could they be a new 'Late of the Pier,' true musical gods.

'Shut Up' starts off like it's been lifted one of the first two Kings of Leon albums, ie their good ones, but then comes the effects which take it forward to another level.

'Guitars are overrated' then clearly takes some influence fron'I.D' by Kasabian before they pervert it and put some guitars on it and shout over it.

Watch out, these guys are gonna come at you fast and eat off your ears before you can squeeze in one last 'Belle and Sebastian' *yawn* track.

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