Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good dog!

Ikea and Henrik Larsson?

No, there is in fact more to Sweden than thes etwo fine exports. We can now add Labrador, self proclaimed best purveyors of pop music in the world, to that illustrious list.

But you might be thinking, 'whoah there, Johnny Big-Balls. That's quite a boast.' And, yeah, it is quite a big statement to call yourselves the best in the world, but you know what, they're not far off.

First up, let's take a look at [ingenting]. I must say that these guys are pretty brave to only sing in Swedish because ut's not exactly the route to stardom, especially since the biggest markets are anglophone. But, despite not knowing what they're on about, they still make some good music, especially with the booming 'Halleluja.'

Then we have 'The Mary Onettes,' described as the missing link between 'A-ha' and 'The Jesus and Mary Chain,' so I'm guessing that's where they took the 'mary' from in their name. I'm going to throw another name in the mix too, 'The Smiths,' especially on the track 'Void.' All in all, nice sounds!

Radio Dept have already been covered elsewhere recently so I'll leave them be, but they are good too, and incidentally playing at Emmabodafestivalen, which I might have to mosy in over too, if not for them then for the Ed Banger party in the woods, and it's only £60-odd which is dirt cheap.

And once more, for old times sake, 'The Sound of Arrows' and their quite ridiculously amazing song, and video, 'Into the Clouds.' Now, that is what pop music should sound like, end of!

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