Friday, 22 January 2010

Let's Get Critical!

Ok boys and girls. we've had some good fun so far, but it's even more fun when we learn at the same time!

Noam Chomsky. He gets around a bit doen't he? Sticking his oar in left, right and centre, although if my oar had as much knowledge and insight to offer I'd be shoving it up in everyone's faces.

Before know, the only time I'd really heard anyone talk about Noam Chomsky was on Russell Brand's old BBC Radio 2 show, which, by the way, was scandalously cancelled after just a little bit of nonsense with an answer machine, he literally used to be the highlight of my week. Anyway, he'd mention him now and again, not really sure why, and say how great he was.

Well, now he can see why. He quite literally has a C.V. which is not only longer than your arm, but probably longer than your leg too, I'd say it would come about to about shoulder height on your average Dutchman.

I don't think there is a title you can give him that will really do his contribution to modern society justice, with his groundbreaking advances in linguistics, that I won't even try to explain here since it is beyond my tiny, little mind, impact on modern psychology and strong political views which have seen him somewhat marginalised, politically at least, in the U.S. which isn't wholly surprising given the very conservative nature of the US.

I could very easily write about Mr. Chomsky for pages and pages, but I'm almost certain you will find much better profiles elsewhere on the Internet, or even in a library, you know, that place with actual books that are so much easier to read than computer screens and don't mess up your eyes.

Anyhow, a while back the good people at VBS had a chat with Noam where they cover many interesting issues. Not least President Obama. And I think he raises an interesting point regarding his followers because I feel that when the hard times come it is more than likely that his loyal supporters will fall away and just add to the apathetic masses. Personally, I could understand why people would do this, such is the lack of any real political diversity these days because although he seems to be taking steps in the right direction, the U.S.A will still remain a capitalist's playground.

For those of you who have made it this far, here is the full interview between Noam Chomsky and VBS.


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