Thursday, 7 January 2010

Feelin' Good

HEY HEY hey! How's naked thursday going for you guys? Not really, it's too cold and gas is too expensive. But hey, at least us Northern Europeans can enjoy the snow, well, except me since I'm alone in the house for now as everyone has gone home for the Christmas holidays.

Enough of this euro-babble nonsense, let's get down to bizy-ness. About 3 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finding The Good Natured. It seems these guys are hotly tipped for big things this year, or at least they should be. And it's no surprise with great tunes like 'Red Skin' with it's ominous guitars and Florence-esque vocals in the chorus which draw the listener in. Then there is the beautiful 'Sleep in Dust' which can't help but evoke memories of the YYY's 'skeletons' and 'little shadow.'

WHAT? There's more you say?! Oh yeah, we've not even got to the big track 'Your Body is A Machine' with its melody and lyrics building up to that huge crescendo that does not disappoint.

So, with all this behind them, it's no surprise they've been snapped up by über-perma-cool label Kitsuné for their party in London, which I look forward to attending.

In the mean time, I think this party might just keep me satisfied!

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