Friday, 2 April 2010

VBS Meets ... David Haye

Well hello there you cheeky parakeets.  How be's you?  Ploughing your way through the hot cross buns or just slamming back the vodka like any other normal breakfast?

Today we have a little boxing.  Now, I'm well too Vince Noir, I actually am a French Duke, I've never even thrown a punch in my life although I nearly did this one time, but that's another story.  But I'm all man!

David Haye is, like, really good at hitting people, I mean he's actually the best in the world, I'd love to be officially known as the hardest man in the world.  This guy managed to beat some other guy who was like 13' tall, or something ridiculous like that.  This weekend is also pretty huge for him as he is coming up against John Ruiz in a fight to decide who will be undisputed heavyweight champion.

Not at all bad for a lad from Bermondsey.  I go through Bermondsey nearly every day, cruising to uni on the 381, and just to give you an idea of Bermondsey, it is where Millwall F.C. is located, so you know it's not London's number one hotspot.  If you're not English, Millwall F.C is basically a football team supported mainly by racist thugs.  I hate Millwall.

Well anyway, Vice sent him to Senegal where he got up to all sorts of awesome stuff and luckily for us they decided to film it too.  After watching the film the thing that struck me most was what a really cool guy he is because the only time I've ever been exposed to boxers is when they have those pre-fight pess conferences where they just seem like total dicks, but he was totally down-to-earth.  Although, I did have a little laugh when we were introduced to his bodyguard, I mean what use is a bodyguard that you could beat up yourself?

Anyway, here it is for you guys to watch.  Oh, and look out for a cheeky cameo from who I'm certain is Diomansy Kamara.

Although a link may be a more rewarding experience since the video screen doesn't fit. 

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