Tuesday, 6 April 2010


And no, I'm not referring to a deal offered by a well known pizza making establishment.

Well that match was a huge let down.  I know we saw a great individual performance, but it was nowhere near as exciting as last weeks 2-2 draw which was so good, I felt like I should have been watching it with my trousers around my ankles.

How to recover from such disappointment? 

How about some reverb-laden yet surprisingly upbeat Hungarian indie-pop/rock?

'You read my mind perfectly!'

Well then, you could do a lot worse than listen to Evil Men Have No Songs. They are pretty darn good, I tells ya.  Comme j'ai déjà dit, they specialise in making songs with plenty of reverb, but still provide audible lyrics.  I say 'they,' but as far as I can tell, this is, for now at least, a project of this one guy called 'RP.'  Finding stuff about him/them/it was practically impossible so all I can really go on for info is the myspace page.

However, that is no reason to despair because they have released a four track EP from their website and it is completely, absolutely, 100% (fat) free.  Ya cannae say ferer then tha'!

I'd get now if I were you.

But, don't go just yet.  There is more still.  They have released a single on french based label Beko DSL, which is also free.  The eagle eyed among you will remember that these guys also released a Jamie Long single a while back, who is also really good so you know that these/this guy(s) will be awesome too.

Oh and I also managed to listen to Jónsi's new album 'Go' and I thought it was pretty good.  Epic is probably the best word to describe it, but it does have a few more up tempo tracks like 'Go Do,' 'Animal Arithmetic' and 'Around Us' so you don't have to sit in an an empty white room, dressed in white while wearing  sunglasses looking deep in thought to listen to it.

Au revoir!

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