Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Typical Germans

Everyone knows Germans right?  Always surrounding arbiters, cheating their way to semi-finals, I'm not bitter, and being connoiseurs of beer.  Well, you'll be glad to here these guys are completely atypical, although I can't say for certain that they don't know their way around a decent ale.

Yes, 'Leeds Club' really are something very different.  They are pretty tough to pin down, track 'Get Replaced II' sounds a lil' bit country and a little too like 'Tenacious D,'  but don't let that fool you into thinking they're a bit of a comedy band.  It also doesn't mean it's a bit of a shit song, it definitely has some bopping and foot tapping potential.

They also have some pretty heavy blues influences which they are able to combine with some nice hard and fast guitars and drum beats.  Although, I would say that the vocals definitely sound better when singer Christian doesn't try to hard, at the moment he sounds a bit like he's trying to be Elvis, perhaps trying to cover his accent.  I very much prefer how he sounds in the very first line of 'Bat Cat.'  I don't mind getting my lyrics with a German accent.

It would appear that they are currently unsigned, but they've been getting some good reviews back in Germany so that situatioin could change.  And if you like them too, then they've got some free songs to give away, so snap them up quicksmart.

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