Tuesday, 27 April 2010


These past two days have been pretty awesome.  For the first time in what seems like, ever, I actually have money, and money that I can spend on what I want.  Needless to say I headed straight for the record stores.  Although, I don't actually buy 'records', just plain old CD's, sorry.  I know that some people will probably think that this makes me worse than Mao, but you can't please everyone I guess.

But anyway, back on topic.  Some stuff was just catching up on ridiculously old stuff, 'Meat Is Murder', 'Neu!' and 'Sound Of Silver'.  Then there was just buying some pretty standard, but good, stuff: 'Teen Dream', 'I Will Be', 'Liquid Love', 'The BIg Black & The Blue', 'Magic Chairs' and 'Serena Maneesh 2: Abyss In B Minor.'

Then there was the pretty cool, well I think so anyway: 'Red Black & Blue' which is a collection of some of DJ Mehdi's best remixes.  I really enjoyed the way that it plays like a mix tape or dj set and is completely gapless.  Full of great tunes, but the highlight for me was '21st Century Life' which has the string element from 'Stress'/'Night on Bald Mountain' (Disney really isn't what it used to be) just rumbling away underneath.  Next was the apparently limited edition and exclusive to Rough Trade MEN demo EP and remix EP featuring  'Simultaneously', 'Off Our Backs' and 'Credit Card Babie$' and the remix EP includes Lauren Flax remix, Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix and Stereogamus Remix of said songs.  That shit be good.

And, in my opinion, saving the best until last is 'JJ No 3' which is the second offering from balearic dream-pop merchants JJ.  But, that's not the best bit.  The good people of Rough Trade were giving away 'JJ No 2' with it for absolutely nada, and apparently it was previously only available on super-expensive import where you probably had to pay for it's seat on the plane, in-flight meal and taxi from the airport, so that was a major bonus.

Not an illuminating post, but I got me's some exams to pass so for the next six weeks I'm probably better served making sure I know Maths than Music, but I'll do my bestest.


  1. check you out going all crazy money on us all. What happened? Where's the money from man? drugs? Did you patent something/one?
    Nice lil' buys tho.

  2. yeah started with drugs. Me and my best mate ran this town until he got busted. Then I went legit and went into property development, but also got involved with a dodgy politician until eventually I was shot on one of my own building sites by the biggest, baddest and meanest motherfucker in this town. Or I got my student loan. Definitely one of the two.

  3. harsh man. I was totally on the other side you know. Trying to make this town all safe for the peeps. Shit, I even shut down those corners and made those hoppers move their shit downtown. Whole goddamn thing got out of hand when the sun paper heard about it. Oh well, business is business.