Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!

Remember what I said before about probably not doing much on here for the next few weeks?  Well, I lied.  But it wasn't my fault.  The people of  To Lose La Track actually got in touch with me about Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!.  These guys have been around for a while now so you may have already heard of them, but if previously you found their punky sound with almost desperate sounding vocals not your thang then don't worry, they've updated their sound.

Way back when in 2008 they supported The Slits in big ol' U.S. of A and they also played in 2009, but after that they decided to stir some shit up and change their musical direction.  They may have even gone on a mystical musical journey through the desert to find the 'new sound.'

Well, no matter how they went about it, they definitely found it, but that's not to say the 'old sound' wasn't up to scratch.

  Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! - Whispers by WEARETSTT

That there is new track 'Whispers' which is straight off their new 4 track EP which is set to land sometime in May and it's no surprise to learn that they've had interest from labels in the US and UK.  They also played SXSW, a festival I think I'll have to go to one day, this year and earned themselves some rave reviews which is no real surprise becasue you can imagine that their old stuff would get crowds going pretty quickly.

I think what I like best is the rather drumming which just seems to drive the song really well, in fact I'd say the drums make this song, and it is also executed really well.

So look at for these guys, and tigers too.  Maulings really should be avoided at all costs.

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