Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Washed Out

Hello there once again, and hopefully a welcome.  You've at least got to hope that new people will find this.

It has been a while since I've bothered you and taken a couple of minutes of your life that you'll NEVER GET BACK and talked about some music related hipster-ish nonsense.  This may be a good thing.

On toadys agenda, I mean todays, although it could well be on toady's agenda too although he's probably far too busy lawyering these days, is Washed Out.  This is indeed Ernest Greene's musical project, as you can see he is a multi-faceted man, a person who 'spans the genres.'

He makes lo-fi, blissed out tunes with fuzzy vocals which seems very 'in' at the moment and if it all sounds as good as this then long may it continue.  However, he also manages to throw in a nice big bass line which makes it extremely possible to fidget too, which is about as far as my dancing expertise goes.

If this is, err music to your ears, the there is some bad news for y'all.  All his merch, which includes two 7" records, a 12" and a cassette is currently sold out, so unless you can find a CD you are going to have to settle for iTunes, although fortunately the good people at RCRD LBL have got two tracks to give away for nada.

I made a festival on  It was a waste of time.  All it does is get you excited about seeing your dream line up until a couple seconds later you actually realise it's never going to happen so you're left thinking, 'Why did I bother?'  But, it is part of a competition that I'm not really sure how you actually win, but have a look if you like and get me some buzz!(?)

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